Friday, February 8, 2019

Senior Guide

Senior Checklist - General Guide
(approximate - some schools require earlier deadlines)
**when colleges you are considering or plan to attend are here plan to see them to be sure you are all set
  • Complete any unfinished college application materials
  • Order any required first semester transcripts from Marlis to send to colleges
  • Be sure FAFSA is completed and submitted (if not done yet - FAFSA help available with Mrs. Bonner by appt.)
  • Work on scholarship applications (check with colleges as well as local)
  • Send in housing applications (if applicable)
  • Watch mail for letters of acceptance and award letters from colleges.

  • Continue to work on scholarships and be watching deadlines.
  • If selected for verification on FAFSA, be surse to submit necessary documentation (verification does not mean you did anything wrong!)
  • Review your budget and financial plan for college with your parents
  • KEEP YOUR GRADES UP - they can affect scholarships and admissions
  • ASVAB - (For anyone going Military or wanting career matching) Feb. 13th at 8:30 am.  Military College Program info HERE

  • Review and compare financial aid packages from colleges. INFO HERE (If you need help understanding your financial aid package, see Mrs. Bonner)
  • Continue working on scholarships to include local scholarships:  
  • Send final high school transcripts to your college
  • Send an Iowa Lakes transcript if you took any college courses

  • Most local scholarships are due April 15th - not a day late.  Be sure to check all deadlines and locations to where scholarship apps should be returned to.
  • Decision Day is May 1. Decide which college you’ll attend. Send the required deposit, and sign and return the financial aid award letter, if required. Note other important deadlines.  classes in high school. This request must be done on ILCC’s website HERE.  Send these AFTER all grades are posted.  (this is a change from the past)

  • Watch for information from your college on registration, orientation, etc.

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Tips/Tricks for your Freshman year of college:

Playing Athletics in College?  

ILCC online scholarship application
Local Scholarships:

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