Friday, October 16, 2015

ILCC Spring 2016 Classes

The course offerings for Iowa Lakes for Spring 2016 are out! 

Check them out at:

Some things to remember when considering taking a college class:

High School students wishing to take college classes through ILCC must be juniors or seniors OR be a freshman or sophomore who is TAG identified in order for the high school to pay for the classes.  Students must also meet ILCC eligibility guidelines, as well as the Senior Year Plus guidelines.  Mrs. Brechwald can help determine if you qualify for classes

- If you plan to attend a college other than ILCC it is your responsibility to check with the colleges on transferrability of those courses.  We can offer you suggested "general" electives that tend to be safe classes to take, but each college has their own guidelines on what they will accept for transfer credit and they are all different.

-The high school cannot monitor grades for ILCC classes.  If you choose to take a college class, you are treated as a college student.

- You cannot miss a high school class for a college class (except on Wed. 2 hour early out schedule).  You must make your college courses work with your high school classes.

- Online college classes aren't for everyone.  Are you prepared for an online class and will you be successful?

- Once you take a college class, you have a college GPA!!!

- We offer many "in-house" classes for college credit.  Western Civ I, Western Civ II, Intro to Computers, Human Relations, Computer Generated Blueprint & Design, Welding Tech.

-These cannot count towards required high school classes for graduation.  You receive elective credit for them at ELC.

If you have questions, contact Mindy Brechwald!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Youth Enrichment Program

Check with Upper Des Moines for more info.  Can help with other items, such as RWC memberships, chromebook yearly fees, etc!!  Great resource.