Friday, November 18, 2016

College Classes - Semester 2

The online and face 2 face ILCC classes for 2nd semester (including CNA) are available.  If you are interested please stop in to get a packet of the classes offered to begin looking at class times and options.  Come in Monday to work on your schedule and picking college classes.  A couple of reminders:

You must be in good academic standing at the high school.

9th/10th grade must be TAG/GIFTED identified to be eligible and meet ELC and ILCC's eligibility guidelines (see me to see if you qualify).

11th/12th you must meet ELC and ILCC's eligibility guidelines to take classes 

College classes must be scheduled around high school classes.  You CANNOT miss a high school course because of college (other than Wed. early out schedule).  It is your responsibility to communicate with High School teachers about this!

Anyone who wishes to take an ILCC class next semester AT the college or online through the college (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE our dual credit classes taught HERE) needs to stop in Monday to work on schedules and get registered.  

You can view the ILCC class offerings HERE also.