Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome Back!!!!!  Some important info!

Freshman Orientation tomorrow - be here before 8!   You will get a copy of your schedule at this time.

Upper classmen will get a copy of schedules Wed. can check JMC online before then to view your schedule.  (Reminder Wed. is 2 hour early out day)

Those taking college classes, please communicate with teachers if your Wed. college classes interfere with a HS Class.  It is your responsibility to communicate with your HS teachers!

You will need a parent note to change schedules.  You have 1 week for changes!!!

Reminder of Chromebook meetings at 6:30/7:15 tomorrow morning in the library if you missed the other opportunities. 

Below is a link to my blog.  On my blog you will find
- Bell Schedules for this year
- Lunch Schedules
-Graduation Requirements