Monday, January 14, 2019

ILCC's Online Scholarship Application - Different from our local offerings!!!

Reminder to be working on the ILCC online scholarship if you are considering ILCC.  Here is an explanation of the deadlines - a few of you have asked about the differing dates.   ILCC has their own application that ALL students considering ILCC should do!!!!  It is at the link below.  

We will have a help session this Wed. at 1:00 in the C wing computer Lab for anyone who wants assistance getting started on this!!!  They award alot of money - this is the money they give out at awards day -----

From ILCC:
February 1 is the priority deadline, we will review applications and award some scholarships including Presidential, High School Dual Credit and Alumni Dependent.

We will repeat this process at the March 1 deadline.

At the April 1 deadline we will repeat that process again.  In addition to that we will match all scholarships and instruct our selection committees to make their recommendations.

Students can submit applications up to the April 1 deadline.  At this point we don’t have any private donors that are awarding early.  However, we may have donors as time goes on that prefer to award at the priority deadline, so we encourage all students to submit as early as possible.

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