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High School students wishing to take college classes through ILCC must be juniors or seniors OR be a freshman or sophomore who is TAG identified in order for the high school to pay for the classes.  Students must also meet ILCC eligibility guidelines, as well as the Senior Year Plus guidelines.  Mrs. Brechwald can help determine if you qualify for classes.

Students can self-pay for college classes at any time during high school.

Students who have the high school pay for classes will receive high school credit for the class and the class will go into the students overall G.P.A.

Students who self-pay can elect to have the credit count toward their high school credit and G.P.A. by getting Mrs. Brechwald a college transcript.

Students cannot take more than 23 credit hours that are paid for by the high school during one school year.

ELCHS offers a wide variety of classes on the high school campus that are dual credit with ILCC.  Those courses are:
Intro to Computers
Trade and Industry Welding
Building Construction
Drafting/CAD Architect

General Course Recommendations = Click HERE

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HERE is a link to a document to help students will all things related to taking classes at ILCC

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